Looking to get my PMP and need some advice

I’ve been looking to get my PMP for quite some time now.  I think the best time for me to do that would be now.  I’ve gotten a lot of suggestions so far on my Facebook on some possible local options I can take including Cheetah Learning and University of Toronto.

I am wondering if others have some suggestions. I would prefer cheaper options and ones that would allow me to do this as soon as possible. Many of the options that are available will take me up to the end of summer or later before I can get my PMP. Online may be more work, something that isn’t a problem for me.

This is something I am looking to get to not only boost my chances of new employment, but as valuable knowledge I can bring to wherever I go next.

  • cboulanger

    I’ve been going through a similar process. I’ve got the work experience hours, but need the credits. If you’re comfortable being self-driven, then look at online offerings. Most big schools will offer both the online and classroom versions. If speed is really a factor for you, then look for a 3-day cram course. They are designed to get you ready for the exam, but won’t give you a lot time to digest.

    BTW: the application process for the PMP is a bit onerous. I’d start by getting the paperwork together. You can find the paperwork and the application on the PMI.org site.

    Good luck.

  • Chris, thanks for this. I’m self motivated and this may end up being the way to go. I suppose all pdus are equal, something I didn’t expect.