After Day 1 of Camaro Homecoming

I must say, I was shocked at the event’s first day.  It was nothing short of amazing.

The event started at 9:00 am that morning, yet I was there at 9:05 am, thinking I was early.  But, upon arriving at the event, I was in a line of about 20 Camaros, waiting to go through registration.  As I got out and walked towards the registration tent, I noticed a few hundred more Camaros already parked in the mosaic formation.  I rushed along to get my papers taken care of, went back to my car to get in line to park my car in the formation.  As I was driving along, I was greeted by GM Employees, event organizers and police, all seeming to be thrilled to be a part of something so big and full of energy.


Upon placing my car (near the very back of the formation), I got out to great my fellow Camaro owners and ask about their drive.  A few of them from Quebec, though a large portion of those around me were from the US, particularly Indiana.   I then buffed my car a little, since it was quite dusty there and I had driven in a puddle along the way.  It must be perfect you know.

I then grabbed my camera and started to stroll around and see some other Camaros around me, before going to the main area, where they had some sponsors, but several very special Camaros, like Bumblebee from Transformers 3!



At this point, I figured it would be the best time to do a plant tour, before it got too busy and they opened it up to the public. I had to wait in a few lines to finally make my way into the plant.  I had already been there in the past, when I worked for GM, but they were building what I would call boring cars at the time (Impala and Century).  This time around, I got to see the Camaro and the all new Regal (which looks fantastic by the way).  Along my walk around the plant, we were greeted by retirees who volunteered their time to be there and guide Camaro fans.  The line workers were happy and smiled at every one of us, some even talking to us while on their breaks.  What better way to have a Camaro owner or fan appreciate Camaros even more?

After the tour, we were all asked if we wanted to sign one of two large banners for the workers… and I did.  When I signed it around noon, I was one of the first.  However, when going on another tour around 4PM, you’d be lucky to find a spot large enough to write your first name on either banners.  The banners were far from small, each at least 6 feet tall by 12 feet wide.


After the tour, I had spent the better part of the afternoon, looking at other Camaros visiting sponsor tents, and talking to other people in and around the event.  I’ll be posting more pictures up tomorrow of cars from the event or at least a highlight reel, as there are clearly too many, surprisingly many of them modified or at least personalized.

I believe at its highest point, we had around 700 Camaros on the lot.  What made this day even more special was the fact that one could, for the first time in decades, enter the plant and take pictures / video of Camaros  being built.  The tour itself took about 2 hour, yet only managed to do about a third of the entire assembly line.