New chrome bezels and UPS frustrations.

Firstly, I have to say, as much as I love my Camaro, the one thing I wished Chevrolet would have done is get rid of all the plastic.  However there are solutions in doing that, but will require you to look around or spend a few extra bucks.

In my case, I was really looking for ways to get rid of the flat black plastic bezels on my Camaro.  At first I didn’t think they looked too bad, but it has become more and more of an annoyance to me since changing to chromed rims (which I love by the way!).  I bought a set of chromed bezels from, supplied by Defender Worx.

The installation was super easy, provided you had the tools, which I did not.  So I ended up getting one of those plastic paint scrappers for $0.88 and cut it with scissors to fit my needs.  I then used it to snap my old bezel out of place and remove it.  After a few minutes of playing around, I had both bezels out and was ready to put in the new ones.



The new bezel looks fantastic, in fact, I’d say even better than the OEM.  It has a Chevy bowtie on it, which is a great touch!

As for my rant on UPS.  They’ve played me over very badly.  Did you know, that if your package has a value greater than $20, they will charge you 50% or more of the actual value of the package in brokerage and other fees?  I ended up paying a grand total of $70 to ship these, coming up to 150% the cost of the parts.  $40 of that shipping was brokerage fees alone.  When I had complained to UPS, they initially said they would refund the cost to allow me to self declare, until I got a different agent who said they cannot do anything.  Then I got a note from someone at UPS saying they are 30% cheaper than their competition… which made me laugh histerically.

At the end of the day, don’t use UPS and buy a Camaro with some chrome bezels!