A look back on my summer

This summer, despite being a cold one had it’s fun moments. Though writing makes it feel like I could have done much, I still did enough to say it wasn’t all lost.  I was always on the go throughout the entire summer and didn’t get a chance to sit still.

It wasn’t all fun and games, the majority of my summer was spent working on Lightning.  I am extremely proud of where it is at, but I am not patting myself on the back just yet.  Lightning is set to launch with its first major product next week. We are looking for our first customers all while continuing to grow the portfolio of apps using Lightning.

My summer wasn’t taken up entirely by work and did get to go on a few mini trips.

I got to see my first demolition derby at the Brooklyn Spring Fair. I was disappointed at the fair that I could not find the perfect poutine, which made my friends laugh. Can you believe it took 30 minutes to choose from which chip truck I would buy my poutine from? The one I chose even left me disappointed.

I haven’t done anything to my car in a while. For a while I’ve wanted to do 2 things to it.  Update the exhaust to have a X pipe rather than my H pipe and update my stripes to have something that stood out better than the matte black.  I chose to update the stripes.  I designed them, got them made and had them installed.  I am quite happy with how they turned out.

Knowing my friend and his wife would be having a baby towards the end of July, we wanted to do one last thing before the baby came.  It was a nice day trip to Niagara Falls.

I visited my parents on their boat and went on a few trips with them.  I never realized how beautiful the Toronto Islands were until this summer.  I also had a chance for my first time to sleep on the boat while we went to Cobourg beach for the weekend.  One thing I must say though, I don’t think there was a single sunset on the boat that I spent that wasn’t picturesque.

I wish I had taken a few more pictures of some of the other things I’ve done throughout the summer. The majority of it was spent running or in the pool.  I may not have done as much as I usually do, it was relaxing and good.

Days like today where I need to wear a long sleeve shirt and jeans just makes me want summer back. I didn’t mind the heat wave and the 40+ degree weather.

I think I need to move somewhere warmer!