I’ve finally migrated my email away from shared hosting!

I’ve spent the better part of the day today working to migrate all my email accounts from my current shared hosting provider onto a more reliable Outlook.com. My shared hosting provider, which I do not wish to mention at this moment, but will in future posts, has been terrible. I’ve had emails disappear on me and in many cases my emails bounced. Of course when I contacted support with those issues, they blamed the sender for improperly typing the email address. Out of the dozen or so support tickets on the issue, not once did they bother looking into the issue.

Clearly, I am not changing provider because I want to. I am changing because I need to.  I’ve been using this provider for almost 10 years. A lot of data must be migrated, the process scares me. While there are many other providers out there, most require you to spend some money in order to support custom domain names.  Outlook.com allows unlimited domains and up to 50 free accounts per domain.  Google used to have this, but has now opted for a paid model.

This week I am only focusing on migrating my email. I am looking at migrating the rest of my data over the span of the next week or two. Hopefully the process for migrating the rest of my data is as straightforward as migrating my email has been.  After changing 2 DNS records per domain and creating all the same email accounts in each of my 12 domains, I was able to begin using them immediately after the creation. With a few clicks, inputting the old email credentials into Outlook.com my email began transferring and within no time it was like the past 10 years, I’ve been on Outlook.com all along. Switched my computer and phone to now point to Outlook.com using Exchange and now I’m getting my email at the new location.  A nice added benefit, at least for me using Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8, is that email is now instantaneous!  No more does email have to be pulled using old POP / IMAP and SMTP.

We each have our preference for email providers. I’ve hated Hotmail for almost as long as Gmail has been around.  Had Outlook not been around with a very clean UI, easy to use controls, and great integration with other tools I’d likely be using Gmail if I could. At the end of the day though, not only am I getting a more reliable service and true push emails through Exchange, I am getting a nice interface that beats those shared email providers interface when I am away. Horde and Squirrel Mail, I will not miss you.