An LED project for my Camaro

If you are wondering why I haven’t gotten around to post this week, this is why. Throughout the week, I’ve been preoccupied with a number of things, including my job hunt and working on a few things for my car.

Lately I’ve been having somewhat of an obsession with LED. For a number of reasons. To name a few… they provide a sharper light that doesn’t look as dull as incandescent, they use up less energy, and you can get away with custom shapes. While my car and the LED obsession isn’t quite over, with the last being worked on later this week, thought I would post an update. That and for some reason I cannot sleep tonight.

Before all of this, my car looked like this. Note the side markers (the side lights).

I got a nice set of lights in the mail to replace the sidemarkers, my rear Chevrolet bowtie (LED powered) and afterburners on my taillights. Of all these, one I was excited to see were my ghosted sidemarkers. The lens covering the light is painted with my car’s color and only when the lights are on can you see them.


Unfortunately for me, the removal of my old bowtie was by far the most complicated. GM for some reason decided that the 2010 Camaro would have little knobs behind the bowtie, making the most common methods of removing badges nearly impossible to use.


Once I had finally removed that bowtie, I thought the worse was over. Boy was I wrong. It took me well over 3 hours to remove all the left over gunk from that bowtie in order to install the new one on a flush surface.

Once all the gunk was removed. The rest was simple. Installing sidemarkers took a few minutes as did installing the bowtie. All looked great!

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Now that it is dark out. All looks great! I really look forward to installing the afterburners!

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