Hiring for HELL YES!

Hiring is a critical component of many of our job functions. A great interview process allows for the candidate to be pumped about the role and the company, while also allowing you to see whether they would be a great fit. It may not come to anyone’s surprise that interviews is in many situations a process that doesn’t get a whole lot of love. But like many of our other skills, you need to practice, refine and continue to refine to become good at it. It’s of my belief that all interviewers meeting with the candidate should be ready to say HELL YES to consider moving them forward or even making the offer. Some of the best interviews I’ve done in the past are those where the interviewers had a clear framework to determine whether the candidate got a “HELL YES”! I’m sharing mine.

Let’s face it, we are emotional beings and interviewing can often be more of a subjective exercise than an objective one. Many of us like to pull questions from our head and can have somewhat of an idea in our minds on what that ideal candidate may be. If the candidate does multiple rounds, this often leads to many of the same questions coming up, but also with a mixed set of expectations. Often due different expectations amongst interviewers or a need to revamp the interview process.

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