Auto Mania is an fbFund finalist!

Auto Mania was created in the peak of the problems for the automotive industry.  It served the purpose of helping people discover new vehicles, understand and see the benefits of fuel economy, and also put them in touch with local dealerships.

After purchasing their first car, users had the ability to challenge friends, modify their car, perform local tasks, or travel to nearby cities to discover more events and challengers.  Each time the user travels or does an event, they must be conscious of their fuel economy and distance, as it may mean they will run out of fuel, although users had the option of visiting a fueling station along the way.  If the vehicle was not maintained, things like fuel economy or speed in which the event is completed would be affected negatively.

Due to the level of realism in the game, very interesting research was possible that helped automakers decide the popular of certain options, colours, vehicle models, etc.  These stats were previously not possible unless the automaker pays to perform a focus group.

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Auto Mania: cy-Designer is a Canadian social media company fuelled by its communities. Auto Mania, App Broker and App Bookmark highlight the strategic focus to provide entertainment, utility to its user group and unique value proposition to global enterprises.

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