Developed to display my previous work in the social apps space.  The aim was to have people submit creative ideas confidentially.  Those ideas would get triage and worked on with the original submitter of the idea.  The submitted would earn a portion of the revenue generated from the idea.

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cy-Mall was originally developed as a website, prior to social networks gaining immense popularity with apps.

cy-Mall is taking a different approach to the e-Commerce market allowing users a lot of freedom and a more unique way of selling their products. The best part about adding a listing is that it is totally free, this is a great advantage over the other competitors. Each product is indexed through cy-Mall’s product pages and even in the user’s cy-Store. If a visitor enjoys a particular cy-Store, that visitor can add it to their favourites and keep coming back to it. If you have a Facebook account, you can even link your cy-Store to your profile on Facebook and it will display your top listings on your profile. All products have their own widgets which allow you to imbed product information into any page on the internet.

The area where cy-Mall really stands out is its billing system. cy-Mall will work as an escrow and ensure that when a user purchases an item, they will get what they paid for. After the purchase, the seller is asked to confirm the purchase and the shipment of the product. While the product is being shipped, the buyer can track the shipment instantly with up to date stats on where the product is. Only when the buyer receives the product will the seller will receive the money. If there is a reason to dispute the claim a process is in place for the user to report a problem with the purchase.


Police Garage

Police Garage was one of my greatest creations and the reason for where I am today.  Police Garage was created to cater the Need For Speed community back in 2000.  I developed a website that allowed community members to download content for the Need for Speed series.  Although the community was focused more on emergency vehicles, we drew over 100,000 members to join and during the life of Police Garage gotten over 1,600,000 downloads.

Link: No longer available / may bring up again in the future